Health Service Nurse
June 28, 2018

Primary Purpose

The purpose of the Illinois Special Education Charter Cooperative (ISECC) is to provide, operate, organize, coordinate, and supervise the comprehensive special education and other needed education programs and services effectively, efficiently, and equitably for students with disabilities eligible to receive such services under Article 14 of the Illinois School Code who attend its Member Charter Schools.

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  • Supervisory
    ● Oversee and supervise the special education program of all ISECC member schools.
    ● Lead the recruitment and interview process for ISECC personnel and contracted related service providers.
    ● In consultation with the school principal’s, assist with the hiring, assignment, and induction of non contracted school special education personnel.
    ● Review IEP’s and meeting documentation for accuracy and compliance.
    ● Coordinate and lead biweekly diverse learner team meetings at each member school.
    ● Oversee accuracy, modification, and completeness of member schools LRE grids.
    ● Monitor and ensure that all students are receiving the services outlined in their IEP and conduct periodic reviews to monitor due process.
  • Financial
  • ● Oversee the timesheet approval process for all related service providers hired through contracted services.
    ● Prepare and administer ISECC annual budget in accordance with ISECC’s Joint Agreement.
    ● Work towards unifying member school’s personnel services under ISECC to maximize cost efficiency. Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
    ● Oversee and assist in the curriculum development, implementation, and modifications in co-taught and self contained classrooms.
    ● Provide biannual professional development to staff of member schools on special education best practices, policy, and procedures.
    ● Coordinate and lead bi-weekly check-ins with member school principals related to special education programming.
    ● Collaborate with and provide support, guidance, and assistance to principals as needed upon request.
    ● Actively monitor the fidelity of curriculum and instruction implementation through walkthroughs of special education classrooms.
    ● Interface with community resources and agencies as resources to enhance special education programming and services.
    ● Maintain, update, distribute ISECC calendar to all member schools.
    ● Work closely with case managers to ensure the deadlines related to IDEA documentation, ISBE documentation, ISTAR entries, data reports, or required special education documents are met.
    ● Prepare Executive Board and Governing Board meeting agendas and facilitate the scheduling of board meetings.
    ● Work in collaboration with member school principals to rectify any special education complaints made to
    the Illinois State Board of Education and/or due process cases.

To apply for this position please send resume, transcripts, credentials, and references to:

Becky Cortesi-Caruso


ISECC Executive Director Of Special Education